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“Next we heard the Mozart quintet for clarinet and strings…This was a gorgeous performance-uncommonly gentle, felt and played as one. Especially memorable to me was the slow movement. Its melody, closely akin to the slow movement of Mozart’s clarinet concerto, is one of the most sublime ever written and Ms. Sherry’s performance was the most beautiful of any I have heard.”

                                                                                                                        Manchester Journal




“Sherry positively shone…she demonstrated that she is an artist of superb ability and flawless musicianship”

                                                                                                            Arlington Journal



“…lingering particularly in my memory is the second movement with its warm tender melody introduced by Morrie Sherry’s clarinet.”

                                                                                                            Manchester Journal



“Melodies spilled out exotically: clarinet obbligato, chorus

buffering the instrument, piano alone, Dumbeck increasingly insistent, vocal soloists taking turns and a Hasidic clarinet outburst that brought it all to a crackling end.”

                                                                                                            New Jersey Jewish News


 “The flashy passages in the Mendelssohn piece were barely a warm-up for the instrumental pyrotechnics in the Fantasia on themes from Verdi’s opera Rigoletto for clarinet and piano. With Ron Levy at the piano, Morrie Sherry once more displayed her technical mastery of the clarinet.”

                                                                                                                                                Bennington Banner

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